Live interpretation of talks at Chaos events

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 **Keep in mind we are volunteers doing this in our spare time.** **Keep in mind we are volunteers doing this in our spare time.**
 +===== What you should provide =====
 +Ideally, you can provide us with the following setup:
 +  * A soundproofed booth for each stage
 +    * Positioned so the stage can be seen from the booth
 +    * Ideally elevated so that the audience does not block the view
 +    * With a desk, desk lamp, and office chairs
 +  * Two consoles for each booth/​stage,​ with the following features:
 +    * Headphone connector (ideally 3.5mm audio jack) to listen to stage/​speaker audio, where the volume can be controlled from the console/by the interpreter
 +    * Microphone (ideally) or microphone connector (please let us know whether XLR or audio jack and which voltages) to get the interpreted signal to the mixer/FOH; each microphone should be switchable (on/off); a cough button to temporarily interrupt the signal is optional but appreciated
 +  * A way to manage, mix, and route audio, usually a mixer/FOH - **provided and managed by you or people you hire**
 +  * A way to distribute the interpreted signal - **provided and managed by you or people you hire**
 ===== Helpful links ===== ===== Helpful links =====
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