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We use these tools to communicate both throughout the year and during events that c3lingo takes part in.

Mailing Lists

For all mailing lists, you can go to https://lists.c3lingo.org/ and subscribe to the desired lists.

The list server will send you a confirmation message; after confirming your email, you will be subscribed to the list.


This low-volume list will receive a small number of announcements of important information for interpreters. If you would like to stay on top of which events c3lingo is active at, and want to make sure you know how to sign up to take part, this is the list for you. Typically, this list should receive one or two mails per event, and maybe one or two mails throughout the year.

Subscribe: https://lists.c3lingo.org/postorius/lists/announce.lists.c3lingo.org or mailto:announce-subscribe@lists.c3lingo.org


This list is the place to be if you would like to ask questions about interpreting at Chaos events. Typically, this is very quiet throughout the year, with some traffic leading up to an event. If you want to participate in an event as an interpreter, it is highly recommended to subscribe, so you are aware of the detailled planning.

Subscribe: https://lists.c3lingo.org/postorius/lists/talk.lists.c3lingo.org or mailto:talk-subscribe@lists.c3lingo.org


During events, we use Matrix for real-time coordination. We'll provide more information about the channels available in the weeks leading up to the event, and during the on-boarding and shift assignment sessions.

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